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MOTHERS DAY OFFER ! Mini Bluetooth speaker with Mic,  EZ177- Pacfic Blue - EZELLER


MOTHERS DAY OFFER ! Mini Bluetooth speaker with Mic, EZ177- Pacfic Blue

Rs. 490.00 Rs. 1,999.00

  • CRISP. CLEAN. EVEN. PRESENT. Enough bass to satisfy your inner bass junkie. LOUD - You'll be slack jawed at the amount of noise it put out. Which is shocking - all that sound produced from this little guy. A box about as big as a hot dog on a bun. Voices are clearly audible. Your friends won't even know you used it to take phone calls on. There's only one conclusion - it's an intensely amazing little speaker
  • SYNCING IS ALMOST INSTANTANEOUS. 1 second or less. No endless fiddling to establish and maintain a connection. You can even switch back and forth from your phone and this speaker flawlessly! You'll be amazed by the range - Unlike other devices that tout their 33 ft range, this delivers - even with a wall in the way. Battery life lasts and lasts perfect for your husband's 10AM to 5PM out boating. We got you covered!
  • PERFECT INDOORS AND OUTDOORS. Whether camping and fishing, doing dishes in the kitchen, working out in the garage, getting ready for work in the morning or even as you take a shower - you'll want to take it with you everywhere! Hear the news crystal clear, crank up the music or take calls. You're hooked up. Is this the best Bluetooth Speaker you will ever hear? No, but it is the best quality for the price point.
  • Compatabile with Andriod, Apple , Windows, Laptops and Comuputer
  • Recharge bulit battery with charging cable

Here's why you'll love this wireless, portable mini bluetooth speaker - sound, sync, size and battery life. The best bass and clarity both indoors and outdoors! Phones, Tablets, MP3 players... it works with everything! Getting the perfect companion for your music and travel needs is not an easy task. But we made it less complicated for you with the eZe SoundBar speaker. Know how the Bluetooth speaker will make your life incredibly easier: • lightweight design and rechargeable battery perfect for travelers • listen to music or FM radio stations or take calls all in one gadget • compatible with devices with Bluetooth including Apple and Android products 5 Amazing Benefits of the Revolutionary Bluetooth Speaker Portable Perfect for Travel - Fits even in small pockets which makes it easier to pack and has cord to sling it on your wrist and carry along. Compatible with Apple, Android and More - Compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth capable devices including Apple and Android gadgets, laptops. High Quality Sound For Low Price - Despite the size of the speaker, enjoy astounding loud audio comparable to mid-range speakers with higher price tags. Rechargeable - Enjoy total freedom with the speaker's rechargeable batteries. Take your music with you, anytime anywhere. Multifunctional - Listen to FM stations or take calls with the built-in mic and speakerphone. No matter how happy you are, if you're not 100% happy neither are we... so when you purchase today. If you're not 100% happy we bet you we can make you 100% happy and we're just a mouse click away as soon as you make your purchase today

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